Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A while back, I tried to go to therapy. But I wasn't comfortable with my therapist and I didn't feel like it was going to help. Or maybe I just wasn't ready for it. I don't know.

About two and a half months ago I acknowleged that if I really wanted to help myself, I needed to go to therapy. My psychiatrist referred me to one, and I started going just a couple days later. I am so happy I did. It has been so helpful. My therapist is really nice, and towards the end of my first session with her she helped me with a list of goals; things I wanted to accomplish in therapy.

She's helping me with my overwhelming guilt over past mistakes, my self esteem, and trying to identify triggers that may send me into a manic or depressive episode.

One of the things she told me was that I needed to take at least 10 minutes a day to do something I love. That advice got me to start drawing and painting again. It had been years since I had done any drawing. I forgot how much I really loved it. She also recommended making up a schedule. That helps too, because when I can check something off of my list of things to do, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

So far, I think its going quite well. I am hoping going to therapy will really help me. I need it to.

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